“We take continued education for our members seriously”

Below is a selection of courses that are offered and/or endorsed by WAKO GB. Some are deemed compulsory and some are advisory for Instructors/Coaches/Students. Please contact courses@wakogb.com for details of which are for whom.


Our courses are all available to purchase on our education site WAKO EDUCATION or by clicking here

Courses include:

WAKOGB ICC Level 1 – Instructors Coaching Course

WAKOGB CPD:  Nutritional Strategies for Fat loss & Performance
WAKOGB CPD:  Kettlebell Training Instructor
WAKOGB CPD:  Extreme Circuit Training
WAKOGB CPD:  Bodyweight Suspension Training

WAKOGB CPD: Child Protection & Safeguarding
Pink Belt Kickboxing Level 1 Coaching Course: Group Exercise Classes for Women Only (WAKOGB Endorsed CPD Course) 

Anti Doping E-learning. 

Test your knowledge here.

Learning platform

The global Anti-Doping Education and Learning platform. ADEL welcomes anyone who wants to learn about clean sport. Register and join ADEL to discover how we can support you. Together we can protect clean sport.


Athlete365 Learning has been designed to empower you on and off the field of play. Featuring insight and advice from a team of experts who are here to help you on your journey to the Olympic Games and beyond. We have a wide selection of courses available and tailored specifically to meet your unique needs as an athlete or entourage member. By joining the Athlete365 Community, you can browse and gain instant access to all of our interactive courses.

UK Coaching courses develop your skills to help you deliver excellent and inspiring coaching sessions to people from all walks of life.

You will find a variety of courses from UK Coaching and third parties to help, inspire, challenge and energise your learning journey.

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