It is a pleasure to introduce WAKO’s new concept; Adaptive Program for people with Parkinson Disease.
This program is in line with WAKO’s Social Integration strategy – Because We Care. As a result of a very successful project in Singapore, the Singapore Federation was asked to assist WAKO in creating a general template how to project, develop and implement a program for this category.

Needless to say, physical activity is important for all kinds of people, but for this category of disease it is critical and by using kickboxing and its balance and variety of physical training is critical in order to slow down the effect of such disease. WAKO wants to thank the Singapore federation and its leadership for the work they have done locally but also how they have assisted WAKO to make a template for other National Federations to use. 


For the Adaptive Kickboxing Program….
Specially designed for People with Parkinson’s Disease


From Kickboxing Federation of Singapore

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