To register for the British Open 2017, please click the link below.



LOG IN FIRST – If you don’t have an account, that’s fine, you will be prompted to create one on checkout.

Choose with you want to book. Either a COMPETITOR, a SPECTATOR for 1 day or a weekend pass for SPECTATORS.


  • Choose how many competitors you want to enter by selecting the correct number of ‘tickets’
  • Complete the ‘attendee number’ with the fighter’s details. Name, Weight, Gender etc etc.
  • Select the fighter’s category they’re entering. For example KICK LIGHT
  • Select the Division. For example, if they chose kick light from the category section, they use the kick light drop down menu and select the correct division based on weight.

Once all competitors are input correctly, complete all required fields and hit register.

The competitor booking will now be in your events cart. from here you can choose any spectators.


  • Select either 1 day or weekend pass. (If you’ve chosen the 1 day entry, just select which day).



See you there.



Thank you for your upload