Dear WAKO members,


The world of Kickboxing is in celebration today, November 30th, it is the day of the provisional International Olympic Committee recognition of WAKO.

On this day we want, with all the power and to the most, to promote values of our sport. Those values gather kickboxers from each club all over the world, to one WAKO family.
Unity, friendship and respect is needed today more than ever.

“It’s our members federations’ positive reaction to adversity, not the adversity itself that determines how our sport will grow in the future and it will grow, of that I am sure. No matter how difficult the situation may appear, it does not entirely own us.
It can’t take away our freedom to respond, our power to act, our passion and commitment for and to our sport. We will prevail, we are WAKO and WAKO is Kickboxing. I congratulate to all on the International Kickboxing Day”
Roy Baker, WAKO President

Don’t miss later today the live interview to the WAKO President Roy Baker, that will be held on WAKO Instagram page at 18:00 pm ( Dublin time ), meaning 19:00 pm CET.

Please join IG account wako.kickboxing at that time and be proactive, to ask questions and send comments related to the International Kickboxing Day!

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