Sport England, Sport Wales, Sport Scotland and Sport Northern Ireland, officially announced today that the sport of Kickboxing has received official sport council recognion in GB and Northern Ireland. WAKO GB has received the status of Governing Body for England, Scotland and Wales and Kickboxing Ireland has received the status of Governing body for Northern Ireland.

The Sport

The sport of Kickboxing is governed globally by World Association Kickboxing

Organisations  (WAKO) under the auspices of the IOC, as a recognised world governing body and member of Association of Recognized International Sports Federation and GAISF.  WAKO is also a full compliant signatory of WADA.

The sport of Kickboxing is included in the 2023 European Games and also the 2023 World Combat games all under IOC patronage.  Also, the sport is officially on the short list for the LA28 Olympics.  

Given the strength of both countries in the recent world championships, GB and NI have a strong potential for add Olympic medals to their countries’ results.


Roy Baker, President Kickboxing Ireland:  “It is wonderful news for our Members in Northern Ireland, that the sport has received recognition. It will enable them to step alongside other Elite athletes and allow us to further develop grassroots within the region. I would like to thank Sport Northern Ireland staff for their continued engagement and support, all of our Members in Northern ​Ireland and in particular the KBI Executive Board in their efforts, energy, enthusiasm and belief in the sport of kickboxing obtaining it’s just place as a recognised sport. This is a great day for the sport on the island of Ireland and we should celebrate these moments.”


Peter Edwards, President of WAKO GB, commented:   “We have been over ten years in this process of recognition for the sport of kickboxing with Sport England, Sport Wales and Sport Scotland. I am delighted to say that WAKO GB has received the just recognition for its members who we serve.  This will be a new era for the sport of kickboxing in GB, where we can develop our athlete cultures and infrastructure to be stronger, better, and deliver a better service to our community.   We have opportunities, I believe, like no other combat sport in the UK.  My main role now is to continue to develop and unite the sport of kickboxing across England, Scotland and Wales. This will enable us to be the top combat sport in our beautiful country.”

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