Safeguarding News – WAKO GB Policies and Procedures

Whether training in a local or regional club, or representing their region or country, WAKO GB believes that all children, and vulnerable young people have the right to enjoy their sport safely. Equally their parents or carers need to be confident that their children are respected and kept safe.

In November of 2019 I was appointed as the Lead Safeguarding Officer for WAKO GB. My primary responsibility was the development and implementation of WAKO GB’s safeguarding policies and procedures in order to fulfil our safeguarding obligation.

The first quarter of 2020 has focussed on reviewing existing procedures and identifying gaps with regards to UK legislation and best practise. Whilst COVID has had an impact on progress, I am happy to announce that WAKO GB now has a full suite of policies that have been reviewed and signed off by the executive committee.

Documentation is now available to all WAKO GB members for download:

Child Protection Policy Statement
Child & Young Person Code of Conduct
Coaching Code of Conduct
Parents Code of Conduct
Safe Practise Policy
Photography & Filming Policy
Social Media Policy
Travel Policy
Safeguarding Adults – Policies & Procedures
Safeguarding Children – Policies & Procedures
Safeguarding Incident Report Form
Complaints Procedure

The next phase will be to roll out these policies and ensure clubs/coaches comply with WAKO GB policies. As a Governing Body our role is to influence and enact policies and decisions that are in the best interests of our sport and its members. To that end my role as safeguarding officer is not to put into place a number of fences over which you must jump, rather it is to help clubs build the proper gates by which they can pass through each fence safely and efficiently.

Currently to get insurance clubs must show they have appropriate levels of qualifications in terms of coaching, first aid and DBS checks. Clubs can either use recognised third parties to gain these qualifications or they can go through WAKO GB itself. Going forward clubs will also need to show they have the appropriate safeguarding measures in place.

Any clubs needing help with our safeguarding polices and procedures can direct their questions directly through

Gordon Mitchell
WAKO GB Safeguarding Officer

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