Here you will find a list of free downloadable documents for a WAKO Instructor and/or Club.  They are all in PDF Format. Please ensure you have a PDF reader to view.




WAKO GB Membership & Insurance Application Form
(for online purchase only. Please note, you must have paid for membership first as an order number is required for this form) 

 WAKO GB Charter and Mission Statement

 WAKO GB Executive Roles and Responsibilities

 WAKO GB Rules of Combat

 WAKO GB Course Information

 WAKO GB Equity and Diversity Policy

 WAKO GB Storage of DBS Policy

 WAKO GB Recruitment of Ex-Offenders Policy

 WAKO GB Fair Play Policy

 WAKO GB CP Photography Policy

 WAKO GB Anti Doping Policy

 WAKO GB Women in Kickboxing Policy

 WAKO GB Insurance Summary UK


 WAKO GB GDPR Website Policy

WAKO GB Handling of DBS Certificate information Policy 

 WAKO GB Whistleblowing Policy

 WAKO GB Compalints Policy

 WAKO GB Health and Safety Policy


































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