The UTS Virtual Youth Festival 2020 came to life as an opportunity for young athletes from all over the world to engage in friendly sport for all competitions.

The unique Virtual Youth Festival will bring Olympic and non-Olympic sports together.
The festival is under the patronage of the International Olympic Committee, the International Paralympic Committee, Special Olympics, SportAccord and the Global Association of International Sports Federations (GAISF).

Many International Federations, global NGOs and sport affiliated entities joined to showcase, demonstrate and promote inclusion, equality, non-discrimination, peace-promotion and to celebrate sport.

WAKO has offered to its young kickboxers to compete in three disciplines:

MAX FIT (strength, stamina and power using standardized exercise and fitness drills)

AERO FIT (WAKO discipline Musical Forms)

ALL ABILITIES (sport challenges set for children with various kinds of disabilities)

The location for this youth festival is on the digital platform, where participants simply need a recording device such as a mobile phone and access to WIFI in order to participate.

Conditions for the participation are clearly indicated in the Invitation letter herewith for the National Federations WAKO members.

WAKO is encouraging its member federations to join the Festival and to give our young kickboxers a fantastic opportunity to compete at the international level!

Over 60 sport organizations have joined the digital platform where qualification events will take place between September to the end of October.
The finals will be hosted in Thailand and held as a hybrid event around the world in celebration of the United Nations’ World Children’s day, on November 20-22.

Please enjoy the event and stay tuned about the WAKO Virtual Qualification Tournament for the UTS Virtual Youth Festival 2020!

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