WAKO GB is excited to announce a new GB Series League which is based upon how the current WAKO World Series works. The vision is to create a domestic league ranking specifically for GB fighters based upon their entry and performance at the following events:

• Junior and Senior World & European Championships

• WAKO GB National Championships

• Irish Open

• WAKO GB Junior Cup

• Bristol Open

• Top Ten British

• Scottish Open

• CIMAC World Cup

• GB Grand Slams

The league will start with and follow the academic calendar. This means the 2019/2020 season will start with the 2019 WAKO Junior Europeans held in Hungary and then followed by the 2019 Bristol Open and the WAKO Senior World Championships. In 2020, the WAKO GB Nationals, Irish Open, WAKO GB Junior Cup, Top Ten British, Scottish Open, CIMAC World Cup and GB Grand Slams will also be included as events that contribute towards league points. The 2020 season will end in July/August at which point the GB series final rankings for 2020 will be set.

The league will only apply to advanced divisions and each of the GB series competitions will follow the same format in terms of weights and rounds etc. It is recognised that not all competitions are equal and therefore a point multiplier will be applied based on the level of competition e.g. A podium finish at a WAKO British Championships will earn more points than a podium finish at a GB Grand Slam.

WAKO GB is committed to the continual evolution of our sport, our goal here is to develop a structured and focused season that will allow coaches, athletes and parents to plan and prepare physically, mentally and financially. We see this as an important development that will add excitement and purpose to the UK domestic scene. More information to follow…

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