WAKO GB COVID19 Policy is now available to download from our SAFEGUARDING page or by clicking HERE. This document is aimed at helping clubs through the process of “returning to sport” as lockdown measures are relaxed across the UK.

There have been significant announcements over the last few days. Both Scotland and Wales have relaxed social distancing measures and these will take effect from Monday 13th July. England have announced the return of gyms on the 25th July.

Our policy document reflects these annoucements and provides sport-specific guidelines as they apply across England, Scotland, and Wales. It should be noted that this is a working document and that it will change as and when government guidance/changes become available. All updates will be made available through the WAKO GB website.

Queries about this policy should be directed to safeguarding@wakogb.com.

Gordon Mitchell
WAKO GB Safeguarding Officer

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