Concussion Management

It is important to understand what concussion actually is, and why it is necessary to rest afterwards for the correct amount of time whilst letting things heal.

Mental Health is just and important as Physical Health

Human well-being must be at the heart of elite athletic performance. Athletes should feel empowered and nurtured both physically and mentally… mental health and physical health are two halves of a whole, and care for both must be seen as priority.

Despite their unique sporting talents, athletes are not immune to mental health challenges, such as burnout, distress, anxiety, depression, unhealthy eating patterns, insomnia and alcohol or drug misuse.
Many different factors can impact athlete mental wellness: Injury, performance pressures, dealing with failure and/or success, and career transition out of sport are all associated with mental health symptoms. This is in addition to the life challenges experienced outside sport, such as grief, relationship conflicts and financial difficulties.

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