WAKO GB started in 1979, was passed to Tom Hibbert in 1982 and in  2012 to Peter Edwards. WAKO is  the SPORT ACCORD recognised World Governing Body for Kickboxing. WAKO GB is  also active on the International scene with members and associated members in over 110 Countries. WAKO GB is controlled by an Executive Committee with  a President, a Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, Board of Directors and members.

As well as the  Amateur Executive Committee the Rule for contests is that no prize money or  financial inducement may be awarded without approval. Professional instructors  and proprietors are welcome in the WAKO GB, but if elected to executive  committee may not receive pecuniary advantage by reason of controlling  interest.


  1. To promote the sport and practice of  kickboxing and recognised coaching.
  2. To promote codes of safety in sport and practice of same
  3. To promote the moral, mental, physical and social well being of members
  4. To obtain, collect, receive and administer money and funds for these purposes
  5. To co-operate with other bodies having similar aims.
  6. The association shall be Non-Profitmaking.  i.e. it shall be controlled by an amateur committee with no controlling interest.
  7. The associations competitions shall be Amateur  i.e. no prize money will be awarded by the association
  8. Members of WAKO GB shall be amateur i.e. shall not receive any prize money from the association.

We have the best accident  and indemnity cover for martial artists, instructors, members and clubs. Public  liability,£5M, Indemnity £2M. Personal accident, Legal cover.

Membership Benefits:

  1. Access to the WAKOGB Instructor Coaching Programme.
  2. Guidance on anti-doping policy for national and international competition.
  3. Access to the WAKOGB Conditioning Courses & Programmes.
  4. Training in relation to Young People’s Code of Ethics.
  5. Access to Coaching Development Programmes.
  6. Opportunity to apply for support to hold events.
  7. The right to use the WAKOGB Member logo on club promotional material.

Membership responsibilities include

Every Member, Instructor, Club and/or Organisation are required to adhere to the following Policies, Practices & Procedures

  1. WAKOGB Constitution
  2. WAKOGB Rules & Regulations
  3. WAKOGB Young People’s Policy
  4. WAKOGB Anti-Doping Policy
  5. WAKOGB Competition Code of Conduct
  6. WAKOGB CRB Checks

WAKOGB registered Instructors & Coaches are required to….

  1. Attend / Complete the WAKOGB ICC (Instructor Coaching Programme) *this will be compulsory for 1 Instructor in every club from 1/1/2016 and Every Instructor in every club by 1/1/17.
  2. Maintain full Insurance cover in place at all time.
  3. Develop a Safe, Fun and Child-centred training environment for young people who wish to learn and practice Martial Arts.
  4. NEVER engage in any activity that could bring Kickboxing and/or WAKO into disrepute


Membership Fees

The annual membership fee varies from club to club as it is influenced by the number of students training at your club. Please contact office@wakogb.com for further information. Alternatively purchase group membership via the shop.

Application form

The WAKO GB Membership form (including fees due) is available for download in the Documents section of this website.

Membership criteria

If you are interested in becoming a member of WAKO GB please send an email to WAKO Office and a membership application pack will be forwarded to you.


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