Insurance & Membership with WAKO GB gives you full access to comprehensive support; insurance;  national and international martial arts recognition; access to accredited  courses and competitions – locally, nationally and world wide. Whatever the size or style of your martial arts group, club or even as a solo  practitioner, WAKO GB can help you progress!

Our membership offers the  validation of Dan Grades, Student Grades and provides official WAKO GB Certificates. We hold regular National & International martial arts competitions &  tournaments, First Aid Courses, NVQ Qualifications and the most competitive martial arts insurance for over 30 years in the Martial Arts.

To fill in an Application Form for Membership AND Insurance by paying online, please click here

Membership Benefits:

  1. Access to the WAKO GB Instructor Coaching Programme.
  2. Guidance on anti-doping policy for national and international competition.
  3. Access to the WAKO GB Conditioning Courses & Programmes.
  4. Training in relation to Young People’s Code of Ethics.
  5. Access to Coaching Development Programmes.
  6. Opportunity to apply for support to hold events.
  7. The right to use the WAKO GB Member logo on club promotional material.

Membership responsibilities include:

Every Member, Instructor, Club and/or Organisation are required to adhere to the following Policies, Practices & Procedures

  1. WAKO GB Constitution
  2. WAKO GB Rules & Regulations
  3. WAKO GB Safeguarding Policies
  4. WAKO GB Anti-Doping Policy
  5. WAKO GB Competition Code of Conduct
  6. WAKO GB DBS Checks

WAKOGB registered Instructors & Coaches are required to….

  1. Attend / Complete the WAKOGB ICC (Instructor Coaching Programme)
  2. Maintain full WAKO GB Insurance cover in place at all time.
  3. Develop a Safe, Fun and Child-centered training environment for young people who wish to learn and practice Martial Arts.
  4. NEVER engage in any activity that could bring  Kickboxing and/or WAKO into disrepute

Membership Fees

Please contact office@wakogb.com for further information.

Membership Criteria If you are interested in becoming a member of WAKO GB please send an email to office@wakogb.com  and a membership application pack will be forwarded to you.

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