“We take continued education for our members seriously”

Below is a selection of courses that are offered and/or endorsed by WAKO GB. Some are deemed compulsory and some are advisory for Instructors/Coaches/Students. Please contact for details of which are for whom.


Our courses are all available to purchase on our education site WAKO EDUCATION or by clicking here

Courses include:

WAKOGB ICC Level 1 – Instructors Coaching Course Online
WAKOGB ICC Level 1 – Instructors Coaching Course Live

WAKOGB ICC Level 2 is Coming Summer 2019. This will be for Organisational / Club Purchase only

WAKOGB CPD:  Nutritional Strategies for Fat loss & Performance
WAKOGB CPD:  Core Conditioning Instructor (UMAT Website)
WAKOGB CPD:  Kettlebell Training Instructor
WAKOGB CPD:  Extreme Circuit Training
WAKOGB CPD:  Bodyweight Suspension Training

WAKOGB CPD:  Psychology of Fighting (for competition) (UMAT Website)

WAKOGB Coaching: Child Protection (contact for details)
WAKOGB Coaching: First Aid (contact for details)
WAKOGB Strength & Conditioning Certification (contact for details)
WAKOGB Developing Flexibility CPD (contact for details)

Pink Belt Kickboxing Level 1 Coaching Course: Group Exercise Classes for Women Only (WAKOGB Endorsed CPD Course)


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